It Sucks…

That after you did me wrong, I’m supposed to easily forgive and forget it ever happened just to be with you … Be with you because now is the time where you can’t live without me and you just love me so much… I’m the bad guy because I just can’t seem to just go with the flow and trust that I’ll never experience the pain that I felt before. Before when you couldn’t tell me that your daughter was yours… When all you could do was show me the tattoo of her name on your arm as if I was suppose to just know from that that you’d had a baby and I wasn’t the mother. She was 5 months, but we’d been together for quite some time and not once did you think this was something I should know… “Love” makes you do dumb things, so I said it’s whatever, let’s be together. Only for the cycle to repeat itself and I’d find myself in a place much darker than the one before… A place where I just hated myself and never wanted to love again. Had chicks wanting to fight me cause you lied and said she was a thing in the past; begged me to stay… 2 months later she’d give birth to your child and you’d take in her previous children discarding me like the trash I thought I was… I thought less of me because I thought so much of you. What was I thinking? 3 years later, you’ve returned with tired apologies… A bunch of “I need you’s” and a constant annoyance of “I love you”… But in reality, you miss the convenience of me. If she never left you, you’d never think of me. So nah… We could never be. I’m loving me some me…


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