Guest Entry: “Halfway through My 20s and I am having a Mid Life Crisis. You’re Not Alone.” – Christopher Brown

This post right here is something that I can, and I am sure many can relate to. Thanks Chris, you continue to inspire me.


Hello All! For those of you who know me, you now that I am intentional about supporting those who continually work to do great things for the kingdom. Today, I am excited to bless you all with a guest entry written by my dear friend, and celebrity publicist, Christopher Brown. The experience shared in this post is timely and quite relatable. Enjoy…


At 26, I’ve been stifled by a pressure that many people my age are facing at this C.B. moment in their lives. Why am I not where I want be in life at my age? Why am I single? When will I start a family of my own? Why haven’t I found the job that I know I am qualified for? Am I settling?

At some point in my 20s, I have asked myself every last one of those questions, seeking results to confirm that I’m on the right…

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