21 Day Fast..

…As I posted earlier, we began 21 Days of prayer and fasting Monday, January 6th and today brought it all into perspective. My motives were shallow and self pleasing. I gotta put in the work to crucify the flesh and go deeper, grow further and build on the relationship with God! I was thinking of all of the superficial things one could gain through this process, but today was something that I NEEDED! Not only was it eye opening to my selfish ways, but it allowed me to further understand how much more growth and fight is in me. This isn’t my first time fasting, but I got away from what I stood on prior to now. Before fasting was much more of a sacrifice for me, but not in ways that I thought of what superficial thing I’ve been hoping for would I receive. I was actually working towards a great connection, deeper relationship with Christ, and this time I started out worrying fully about myself and THINGS. It was spiritually cleansing to be in His presence today and hear from other people. I Needed that! Stay blessed fam! 


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