Have you ever sat and wondered how you could tell someone that you love them? The various scenarios play out in your mind, and you’re constantly trying to find ways to say it and make them realize that this love is more than “I’m so glad we’re friends”, but of a romantic love. That love you want to stand on the top of the Empire State Building and scream at the top of your lungs. However, there is still this shy, somewhat nervous little girl hidden inside of you that would never allow such boldness to take place. Then one day, out of the blue, this person you’ve been crushing on for a billion years (yes, that’s what it feels like) asks you if you love them as more than a friend. What? Why would you ask that? No warning, no signs, no smoke signals, nothing… Where did this come from? The panic sets in and you can either allow it to consume you or you can breathe, relax and answer truthfully. Except for answering truthfully sends your mind back into this whirlwind, so you’re thinking of how to say yes… Is it a simple yes or is it “Yes, I love you more than a friend. I love your more than I’ve probably ever loved someone in this manner. I’ve wanted to be yours since adolescence brought you to my attention as more than a friend. The moment I knew that I wanted to kiss you and hold your hand, well before adult life had ever set in. I just love you. Your laugh, your smile, your ability to make even my worst day seem like the greatest and you don’t even know. And more importantly I adore the way that you love the Lord. Our conversations are always insightful and helpful. How could I not love you?” How do you say this and not feel crazy? In that moment, it’s almost as if you finally realize why no one else even mattered, and past heartbreak didn’t seem to shatter you the way you presumed it would. Attempts to date other people just seem shallow and unnecessary, but you do this because you could never tell your friend, the one person that you can talk to about your biggest dreams and deepest fears, that you love them more than a friend and not feel that you’ll ruin what the two of you share. How do you say I made the choice to love you and it hasn’t gone away? I just want to tell the world and really just you that I love you! That won’t change tomorrow or today…


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