Today, I am here having random text conversations with a few people and it hit me, “This is why I probably don’t date.” lol Sex doesn’t mean much to me, right now anyway… Actually, it never has. It’s quite often helped me weed out the people I knew I didn’t really need to date, because within moments of a conversation somehow sex became the topic. All you know about me is that 5’2″ and brown skin, why would you possibly need to know about what I go to sleep in or when we’d be spending the night with each other. Can we develop some kind of relationship first ?  Don’t come to me knowing that is where your focus lies and dress it up as “I would like to get to know you better and see where this could grow.” I’ll appreciate the straight forwardness of this, because at that moment, I can decide if I’d like to continue dating or if we should just not even consider it. I get it, someone tells you what they like in a potential partner, and instinctively you want them, so you’ll do what it takes to be with them. However, if that isn’t who you are or where you are currently, it’s okay to keep it moving. Who knows, in time you two may see each other again and there may be a spark…

I’m not against meeting new people… I don’t mind the expression of sexuality, but I will not give you an illusion to a sex life with me, because that just isn’t me. Yes, we’re grown; sex is a part of life… I get it. Just don’t come at me with that. If that’s all you’re looking for, trust I am not the one you’re looking for and I have no problem with letting that be known. Attack my character all you want, call me childish, or whatever you’d like but at the end of the day, I will not compromise who I am and what it is that I believe, because you’re having  temper tantrum about my not wanting to sex you. If you tell me that we’re adults, I’m expecting for this to be an adult like conversation. If you can’t respect me, please keep it moving.

Be Blessed.


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