Help Me Make This Make Sense… lol

There’s something about your warm embrace

Maybe it’s the way your hands feel as they glide across my back

Or how I can ever so gently rest my head upon your chest

The art of holding hands seems almost perfect with you

My hands so small fit perfectly in your grasp

The art of kissing has been mastered

Your lips so full

The penetration of your tongue when it meets mine

Your lips were designed for greatness

The look you give as I stand on my toes gazing deep into the warmth of your eyes

That stare could never be matched

All worries disappear

Makes falling in love

One solitary act of forgiveness

Letting go and being free

Worth every ounce of pain ever felt before

Knowing what confidence and strength you were capable of

Resting in your embrace forever

Makes never seem so far away

While engulfed by your presence

Absorbed in your scent

Has love feeling the way only writers have ever conveyed

See I was wondering if I crossed your mind the way that you cross mine

If one day our two hearts would become one and intertwine



One Response to “Help Me Make This Make Sense… lol”

  1. Inflewence Says:

    Woooo wee!

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