Thank You KJ! :)

Last night was one of the best nights that I’ve had in a very long time. The simple things in life please me. The feeling of joy that had overcome me was almost child like. I felt young (like a child) again and for a moment any negative feelings, any worries were all a distant memory. It was if time had stopped for a moment and allowed me to truly live again. Just live, laugh, and spread love…

It seems that the older I become the more distant such enjoyable occurrences occur. The night was reminiscent to many nights spent at my grandfather’s house or even Christmas dinner at my mother’s. Those things are now so few and far between that all I could do was enjoy the night to fullest. It was truly a night of happiness. Life as I knew it has changed and even though some of us are living better we aren’t necessarily doing better.

Great times were had just being around family and enjoying each other’s company whether it be a special occasion or just because. I can’t remember the last time my cheeks ached from constant smiling/laughter. The older we get the more divided we become. I grew up spending almost every memorable moment of my life surrounded by my siblings, cousins, aunt, uncles, grandparents and my mother — FAMILY! I met my cousins who lived hours away and couldn’t imagine a time where I wouldn’t see family that only lived minutes away. I miss when family was everything. I miss the simplistic joys of each other’s company being sufficient enough and far greater than anything that money could buy.

It’s a different feeling when the family grows cold and you start doing things on your own. Truth is we grow older, families grow larger or become smaller, but if we’re only five minutes away, how do we grow further apart? The family bond should never be broken…

It was awkward sitting there in a house full of people with tears in my eyes, but I appreciated my night. I appreciate Keith L. Ellerbe, Jr for thinking enough of me as a friend to allow me to take part in such a family moment. It was definitely something I needed and would forever cherish. No one knows the pain I feel when I think that I could never go into my grandpop’s house again and have a family dinner, cookout, or just seeing everyone stop by. It truly hurts. But with friends like KJ I guess there is a glimmer of hope that such things will happen again. Thanks again KJ 🙂

John Legend feat. The Stephens Family "It Don't Have to Change"


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