Being A 9/11 Baby Post 2001

After reading a tweet from NBC Philadelphia, I thought to myself: “Wow, this is something I’ve never really talked about, but it’s something that I am always asked about.” After my 15th birthday, all I’ve ever been asked is “How have these events changed your birthday?” or people want to know, how I felt. Honestly, at 15 or even now, I couldn’t imagine living through such a historic event. Sure, you read history books and slavery happened, civil wars/world wars happened, and Pearl Harbor happened… You just don’t ever think that “9/11 will happen”… I think sometimes we look at history and never realize that those same/similar things can happen in the NOW! We look at it as the past, and what shaped our country, but never with the fear or even the imagination that it would happen now. Even with the Army and other security measures in place, I don’t think it crosses your mind that an event like Pearl Harbor when America is attacked will happen again. I couldn’t imagine knowing what it was like to be celebrating your birthday then to see everyone in great panic because America is under attack… Well, at least before September 11, 2001 I couldn’t imagine it. I’ve seen uni-bombers in the news, people go on shooting rampages in the news, but never anything to the extent of 9/11 in America. I think on that day, I felt what everyone felt: heartache, sadness, despair…

I won’t say that it necessarily changed my birthday, but it surely changed the view people have of my birthday. I get asked how do I feel about 9/11 being my birthday often, and at times I find it annoying. Not because I am selfish or anything of that nature, but simply because I am tired of answering it. Most people look at me like I made it happen because I was born on that day… I’ve had someone say, “Oh you were born on 9/11, you’re a devil baby.” But most people just want to remind me that my birthday sucks. It was a sad day, I watched that second airplane hit with tears in my eyes… I watched as people panicked and tried their best to contact family members… I watched mothers cling to their children wishing they could do more to protect them from any harm in this world… I watched people try to escape death jumping out of the towers… It was sad then, and it’s sad now… I appreciate every day that I have on this earth, and I look at my birthday as a day to remember that any day could be the day that I am gone, so there’s no need to hold grudges, no need to not live, but instead I should remember those who lost their lives, pray for those families who are still trying to cope, pray for those overseas fighting for my freedom, and to always remember the day when the people of my nation stood together as ONE!

My birthday may never be what it was before 2001, but it will always be the day that I was born… A day to remember, and for many, a day to mourn… It’s been 10 years, and they’ve flown by so quickly… Every year we relive this moment. Every year it airs, and you see it happen all over again… Every year we cry as one…

Every year, it replays in my mind… I envision myself sitting in my 10th grade English class, and seeing that door open as people shouted that America was under attack… I remember going to music class, and watching my teacher speak with such strength at a time when everyone was scared and unsure of what would happen next… I’ll never forget the panic, I’ll never for the shock, I’ll never forget the pain… I’ll never forget the day I was born…

Peace, Love, and Happiness…
Be Blessed
TD Moore ❤


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