Awkward Moments…

A very good friend of mine is an aspiring, very talented, writer! I don’t know how long we’ve known each other, but it’s been years! I used to like him something serious… However, we’ve never gone pass the friend stage, and I appreciate that. Well, in a conversation recently, I was just speaking my mind saying how I felt, and boy was it weird! lol I have no idea where any of it came from, but I wanted to just pass out in that moment as I thought to myself, “Mira, why would you say all of that? What if you made him feel weird?” Shoot, I felt strange enough for the both of us… I hope he couldn’t sense my awkwardness, but boy I had to laugh at it…I’m so goofy smh lol

Another awkward moment: I was sitting in the coffee shop not too far from my apartment where I go almost everyday to get a medium hot chocolate with whipped cream. This woman, who I’ve seen a few times, randomly asks “You from jersey?” rather loud. At first, I was reluctant to look up because I didn’t want to assume that she had been speaking to me, but she was. She proceeds to ask me what part of New Jersey I was from, and basically told me her entire life story and why she decided to move to Atlanta. I felt weird, and didn’t quite understand her excitement in finding out that I was the person driving the car with the Jersey tags…Not to mention, all of the people that began to stare, and I mean some heavy stares like they wanted us to take our New Jersey celebration back to New Jersey…

Awkward Moment #3: Walking into a birthday party with a male friend, and having everyone assume that the two of you are dating. smh A good friend of mine had a birthday party for her daughter, and I was hanging with a friend, so I asked him to come along. Well, besides feeling out of place because I didn’t know anyone there except my friend, her mother, and her boyfriend, her mom makes me feel more awkward as she puts me on the spot in front of strangers asking me about my friend. She assumed that he and I were dating, and was making jokes so all of these random people then wanted to know what the deal was. But there is no deal, my friend is gay and even if he wasn’t, he is far from being anyone that I could date…Just a lot to explain that doesn’t need to be explained…lol However, this didn’t stop them from thinking that I was making “googly eyes” at him when I asked if he wanted pizza… Nothing worse than a bunch of strangers and a close family friend trying to hook you up when there isn’t a love connection in view…

Awkward Moment #4: Growing up in Camden, I was quite used to carrying cash as it was necessary for corner stores, pizza shops, Chinese stores, Crown Fried Chicken, etc… Moving to South Carolina, I got used to being able to use my card for pretty much any kind of purchase. Considering that Atlanta is in the south and many places do allow the use of Visa, I ordered Chinese food the other day hoping to devour some shrimp and broccoli with some white rice, an egg roll, and 4 wings…Greedy I know but I wanted…Well I got there and they only took cash, and I had $0 on me! SUCKY! I walked in there and everyone looked at me crazy when I pulled out the Visa…lol

Fun times! 🙂


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