Will You Ever Be Satisfied?

In the last week of television, some black tv shows premiered for the first time, and some were returning. I was wondering though, with all of the hype around there NOT being ENOUGH black television shows, why are people so quick to right off and disregard the ones that are being made. Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” and “Meet the Browns” wasn’t good enough…People watch it, and a lot of people complain about it. Mara Brock Akil’s “The Game” comes back, 7.7 million people watch it and most hate on it cause they say “That show not even that good, and the actors aren’t that great.” Ice Cube’s “Are We There Yet?” premieres, and everyone is like oh blah…It’s just ice Cube trying to be a family man. What is wrong with him wanting to create a positive image for a black family? That’s what most black family shows did in the past anyway. They created an image of black love/family that showed the strength, courage, and unity that was once the cornerstone of the black community. Queen Latifah’s “Let’s Stay Together” premieres for the first time, and everyone is ready for the show be cancelled because they didn’t like it, but how many pilot episodes have you ever watched and fell in love with on the first try?!?! Martin Lawrence’s “Love That Girl” premieres and people say, ” I am waiting for it to get better cause right now I hate it.” It is the first season and the first few episodes, come on now…smh

Fact is, it doesn’t matter how many black shows are on television or how many black people are in sitcoms…People will NEVER be satisfied. There is flaw in everything… Sure it may be things about a lot of shows that I don’t like, but that’s life. You’re not even giving the show a chance to grow into something better…Just simply write it off and be cancelled cause you’re not that interested…Give it time to grow! Sheeesh!!


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