Love It or Hate it? The Game on BET…

Okay so I am sure many people tuned in to BET last night to watch the season premiere of “The Game”! It has been an extremely long wait, but we got what we’ve all been waiting for! So what are the results: Did we love it or hate it?

I loved some of the drama, not all, but some!! This trip to Cougar Town that Tasha Mack is about to experience or has been experiencing with Terrence J interesting yet I am not feeling it. I’d prefer he’d be hitting on Melanie or something lol. Never mind she’s already been down the whore route and she’s causing enough drama these days. Melanie, oh Melanie, still the self-centered, only doing what’s “best” for her female. Apparently Tasha was right, she’s never going to live down Derwin having a baby. All the drama that went into her being his wife, and being his first at something clearly holds no merit cause she’s still insecure and she has him! smh

Anyway, the premiere was as bad as most people were saying it would be. People were just hoping for its downfall because of its being on BET. I am not a fan of the channel myself, but the show still has the same writers, producers, directors, and characters. Well, some characters…What happened to Foxy? Why is Jason dating Peaches and not Camille? I could have gone for some long distance dating issues…lol It happens! The sports show with Chris Webber and Jason, I could have done without…I could actually really do WITHOUT Kelly’s Ex-B aller Wives show as well. Her show is worse than the one they’re imitating…She’s way too over the top! Let’s bring her down a notch…Oh wait did anyone catch that it said Special guest Appearance by Brittany Daniel (Kelly Pitts) as it was coming on? Could this be why she wasn’t a part of any of the promo/interviews with the cast other than commercials?

The new Brittany…Hated her! Her acting was just as terrible as the original! The new Malik…Hated him! his asshole ways from before were enough to tolerate, but now I just need him to fall off this high horse of his cause he is WAAAAAY OVER THE TOP!!! Come on now, really?

The whole color complex bs…OVER IT! Clearly, Dr. Melanie Barnet-Davis needs to go back to school and take Genetics. First off, DJ and Derwin are the same complexion, and even most people know that the children’s skin color doesn’t always reflect the mom and dad…It could be a mixture or the child could take on the mother’s complexion or the father’s, but it’s NEVER that crazy. And I can’t believe how quick people were to be like yea that baby don’t look like him…Come on what is this Maury?!?!? Let’s not…I wonder how many people were complaining about Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy being siblings having Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad as parents. Or who though to ask where Claire came from on My Wife or Kids, or why Drew on Everybody Hates Chris was light skin… Or where’d Thelma and Michael come from…Seriously let’s get passed that nonsense! Can we stop the color wars, and appreciate that we of African descent come in some beautiful shades…We may not be all the same shade, but trust OUR BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! We’ll never be united if something as mundane as complexion continues to divide us in the 21st century. Let’s get it together!

I have more on my mind, but I will let that marinate, and just wait until the next episode…


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