Persnickety, Captious, Critical, or Particular ===> Plain Old PICKY!

Who’s more picky? Men or women? Who cares?

A friend of mine had his weekly rant today, and he wanted to know why women were so picky… Me being me, I always like to challenge people to think, so I told him that men were picky as well. However, he insisted that women were more picky and quite honestly, I don’t believe that one sex is more picky than the other. I feel we are placed in certain circumstances, and in the lives of certain people based on our own personal preferences, likes/dislikes. We associate with people that we see in certain places, and we are often attracted to what we’re used to. Want to find someone less picky? Change your surroundings…lol Continuing to frequent your area nightclubs in hope of meeting that one person who may not be as picky or disregard you for your personal flaws…Change where you are meeting these people. You may change your results.

I’m not one to categorize a whole group of people into one special, unique category of “ALL MEN ARE PICKY”. No, but in actuality we ALL have preferences and we like what we like. I don’t fault you for having an opinion or ideal mate in mind. We know what makes us attracted to a person, and we know what will maintain that attraction. Of course, off the back we aren’t so ready to dive into your faults and the ills of your personality, but seriously who is at first? It takes time to get to know a person, and the more we know of a person will tell us whether or not that is a risk we are willing to take. I may not be the pickiest …I may not even be your first choice, but I understand my worth and I understand what I want for my life, and if I don’t see you being in that picture, I’d rather just let you know. Why continue to play this game?

I don’t think that ALL women are picky and I don’t think that ALL men are picky. I feel that we all have a level of understanding of what it is that we look for in a person, and when the one pursuing us or we’re pursuing doesn’t fit that we find it easy to walk away instead of staying around and seeing what could potentially be from the relationship. But honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. That’s almost settling, and if you already know you may not be satisfied why make the purchase? We all have a standard and we must maintain it, uphold it, and in any situation never allow yourself to settle for less.


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