.:Sounds of Desperation::.

I had the opportunity to check out Keri Hilson’s new video for “The Way You Love Me”, and even the lyrics are just…ugh I’m not a singer, and I am not in the industry so maybe I don’t understand the need to have such “sex appeal”, but I do know the difference between something being sexy and classy versus TRASH! Luckily, the edited version says “I got the kind of loving that’ll keep you off the streets” and “The way you love me”. When I first saw the video premiere on WorldStarHipHop.com I was disturbed that she really said “fuck me Fuck me The way you fuck me”… “I got the kind of pussy that’ll keep you off the streets”… Seriously Keri?

Okay, so I have never been a HUGE Keri Hilson fan, and I am FAR from being a Beyonce’ fan…But I honestly respect that Beyonce’ wouldn’t record a song like this. It just doesn’t speak highly of Keri at all…Sure freedom of speech and all of that jazz…I got it! But honestly, is this how you want to get your sales up? This is straight garbage, and the video looks like she was auditioning for a spot at Strokers or Onyx…Or maybe she wanted to be in Burlesque with Cher…Who knows! We all know that Ciara can dance, Beyonce has the voice…Keri has the lyrics…She’s a songwriter for a reason, but this is one song that I cannot understand…Why Keri, why?!?! I don’t even like “Pretty Girl Rock”, but the video was cool I suppose, but “The Way You Love Me” just totally disregards any uplifting message from the previous songs…She just looks likes she is trying too hard! smh

Sure men say crazy things in songs and people don’t say anything…I got it! But as a woman, I would just have greater respect for myself. It’s cool to want to be sexy and have that “sex appeal”, but she’s a beautiful talented woman who should never compromise herself for the almighty dollar. The video is simply trash…”Slow Dance” video was sensual, sexy, yet remained classy…”Knock You Down” …Nice video, classy, and could be perceived as sexy! That’s real sex appeal!

I appreciate women like Chrisette Michele, Aaliyah, Tamia, Jill Scott, Mary J, etc… Come on ladies, let’s have more self-respect! We don’t need to lower our standards …Other people need to raise theirs! And please refrain from the “You’re a hater” comments…I am quite fine and confident enough with myself not to start stripping for a little attention…There is a time and place for everything!

Oh well…What’s done is done!


One Response to “.:Sounds of Desperation::.”

  1. i agree! i feel like keri has sold out with her sexual appeal. its a crying shame

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