NCMC 2010 [Louisville, KY]

At the last minute I was asked to attend a media conference, and at first I didn’t see any other benefit than five days of “vacation”. Surprisingly, I have enjoyed myself attending various sessions on making yourself available in the job market, how to write visually, how not to get a job, as well as making contacts with some very important people from companies that I am interesting in working with. I’ve had the opportunity to have met some pretty awesome individuals attempting to achieve the same goals from all over the country, and I must say that it has been an experience that cannot be replaced…

The initial “You want to go to Louisville?” was quite random, and I almost said no. However, I am glad that I changed my mind. Anyone who knows me knows that I just recently applied for a position at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Well, this week I met five CNN representatives during sessions/exhibitions that I have had the opportunity to communicate with and potentially form a network that will help me to achieve my goal. I’ve gotten some encouragement, and some contact me if you need to statements that make me feel much more comfortable and excited about what’s in store.

Never put too much effort into actually fulfilling my dream of working behind the scenes, but now I feel as though I am one step closer to reaching that dream. I just have to stay focused, and continue to be willing to work hard at everything that I do. When December rolls around, I really hope that the great things that are in store begin to come into fruition and I can see that my labor has paid off!

There are two days left here and I am going network like I never have! I even have the opportuniy to speak during a session tonight, so I am excited about that and hey if the CNN job doesn’t work out, this other company has expressed interest. I am just ready to get the ball moving…No hesitation!! And I can’t thank God enough for the many blessings in my life! I’m taking this blessing and using to its full potential and hopefully in the end t will glorify God and His purpose for my life!

Have a wonderful day!

Be Blessed ♥
Mira 😉


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