Just Ranting

When I say that I don’t drink, please refrain from asking me why. I mean gosh! It’s not something that NEEDS to be done! But since you must know…I do NOT drink anymore because it was something about MYSELF that I needed to change. It’s not like having alcohol made my nights any more fun than any sober night that I have ever enjoyed. Excuse me if I decide not to conform and stick with what you do on a regular basis. I’ve come to the realization that it’s just something that I no longer need to partake in as far as living a better life for me!

If I explain to you that I do NOT want to go to the club or to the party, please refrain from acting as if you need some form of an explanantion because A. You are NOT God B. You are NOT my mother nor my father…I thought I was old enough to know what I want and don’t want….Don’t need to be coerced into anything. Again, not partying and such was another decision on my behalf to change my life, and to let go of some things that weren’t necessarily fulfilling…Just things to do. I am passed that and recognize that I don’t have to be at the club or the party to enjoy the people I love most. I can clearly go out to dinner, bowling, have a small gathering at home, or whatever if I decide that I need to be around people in a “party” like fashion…

The last and final thing that really grinds my gears… NO I DO NOT HAVE SEX! Yes, I am 24 and I am well aware that “everyone” has sex. I have never had sex, so yes that makes me a virgin…Please do NOT ask me what I do in my spare time because sex is the only thing that can be done in one’s spare time…NOT! I have more important things to worry about, and having sex isn’t one of them. “Have sex, that’s why you’re single.” “He left you cause you a virgin” “You should have gave him some” … Clearly you all have me twisted. My mind is well above just randomly having sex with someone, and NO I do NOT believe I need to try it before marriage. I won’t know if it sucks…I’ve NEVER done it! And I have no problem with wanting to have sex with one man for the rest of my life…Excuse me if that isn’t you…

You can call me lame, boring, etc…Whatever you want to call me, it’s cool! I know what and whose I am, so be my guest! I won’t be mad, I won’t even hate you for it. I’ll still show love even when you tossing your negativity. All I know is that I love myself, and I love who’ve I become and I refuse to allow people to dictate what I do when it doesn’t in any way, shape, or form effect their lives the way it would mine. I’ve never been one to want to fall into peer pressure, and do things just cause the people around me were…So if what I DON’T do bothers you that much, maybe we shouldn’t be friends, associates, or dating!

I appreciate the concern! I love you and God loves you!

Be Blessed!

Mira ♥


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