There’s something about you

The freedom of expression

Anger, hurt, pain…

Happiness, joy, love…

Despite it all, you remain true

Never have my thoughts been misconstrued

Written or spoken your words have power

Late night sessions

Early morning essences

Passion from within

Empathy from outside

No matter how it’s positioned

Your love has been composed

Forming symphonies and ballads

Rhythmic in your blues

Lyrical boldness

Audacity to approach

Literal intentions

Sensual caresses

Mind blowing visions

Left to make decisions

Unanswered questions

Unforeseen circumstance

Memories of former happenstance


Speaking to my soul

Speaking  my deepest desires

Your love is therapeutic

Defined by the lines

A guide on a quest to find

All that his hidden inside

 Poetry is love…


One Response to “::Poetry.Is.Love::”

  1. I’m liking the subtle metaphors…,(wink)

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