I’m longing for the day I get to see…
That beautiful…
Beautiful Smile
As I awake and turn to you
I gently touch your face and with the slightest kiss, you’d awake
Bearing that beautiful smile
It’s like pure sunshine

Let’s go for a walk…
Walk around town as if we are the only two in existence
We’ll take pictures to capture every moment of what…
Could possibly one day be true love

I want us to create an artwork to be the envy of every artist to follow
That masterpiece that when people walk by they’re immediately inspired

Inspired by…
Your smile…Our conversation
Just pure boldness
Yes, it inspires me
I want to be like Picasso or even Van Gogh
And create this picture of you and I
That will forever be cherished
That portrait of how love could possibly exist when we take our time

I just want to see that beautiful smile
So when I’m using my charcoal to envision you on my white canvas
All that stands out is
That one day we’ll meet and every day after
All you’ll ever do is smile

So I’m painting this portrait of the love I’m yearning to find
he’ll be my version of the Mona Lisa
And as I work on my self portrait
I’ll think of him…

The reason I smile


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