Random: Things That Bother Me…lol

As I was sitting with a group of various people, I began to just listen and observe. I kind of withdrew myself from the conversation, just to see where it was going and to also not even allow myself to seriously get into this debate. lol But whatever…It was a bunch of randomness…

So this female says that her boyfriend had been cheating on her, so she had to confront his side chick, which after listening to her story sounded more like his main chick…whatever. Anywho…She pretty much dragged this chicks name through the mud, and for no reason. The girl didn’t even know that the guy she was seeing had a girlfriend, and hmmm that seems to be of no fault of hers. When you like someone and want to be with them, you tend to feel like you can trust them. Unfortunately, the chick talking felt the need to only confront her about the situation causing unnecessary drama, when she should have been resolving this issue with her “man”.

It bothers me that females show so much hatred towards each other and are willing to degrade each other over a man who was never worthy of your time. Well then again if you continue to just feel like as long as you chase his sidechicks away, y’all are good maybe you do deserve to be treated that way. Why condone such nonsense? ugh

Don’t get me wrong…There are some females who are willing to talk to a dude even knowing that he is in a relationship, but you can’t just always go after the girl…Your man is at fault too!

To continue, the dude at the table started talking about all his sexual escapades and how badly he treated his girlfriend…Actually, it sounded more like he was braggin about baggin so many females instead of showing any sincerity. He said he felt bad, blah blah blah but it didn’t seem like it. However, he sounded hurt when he said that she was finally fed up and had started seeing someone else…Said it messed his head up and some other ish. But ummm why be mad…You were doing it. I hate double standards.

It all is just annoying…Be a man/woman about yours and handle your business properly. Remember it takes two, so don’t just assume that whoever your so called boo was cheating on you with was the only one at fault. And to add to this mess, I hate songs like Monica’s “Sideline Hoe” and Mokenstef’s “He’s Mine”…If she had him once, he really isn’t yours and you look dumb talking bout she just a sideline hoe, but she still sleeping with your man…Who cares that you get him on “special” days…Everyday in your relationship together should be a day to cherish, special, whether it’s a good or bad day…

It all falls on respect…How much do you love and respect yourself!?!?!

Be Blessed
Mira ♥


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