4th of August

Today has always been a wonderful day to celebrate…My grandfather Sherman S. Hill, Sr and my uncle Sherman S. Hill, Jr share this special day! I usually wake up at the crack of dawn to call the man who taught me so much, a man who taught me what love is, and who always taught me about respect and being confident in myself. He was a wonderful being, and I never imagined life without him. But at the same time I’ve realized that everything he taught me, and everything he was to me made me who I am today. His pleasant and kind ways, made me a person willing to help those in need. His love of cooking, made me feel like I needed to learn how to work my way in the kitchen. The love he had for our family makes me want to stay in contact and always put my family first. He was completely selfless, and I appreciate everything that I learned from him.

Our last phone conversation the night before he died, he exemplified everything that I know him to be. He was concerned with my safety during my travels because of the various snow storms. He wanted to make sure that I’d be able to spend Christmas with my family, and he always wanted to make sure that I had whatever it was that I needed to survive. His love was endless, and I couldn’t imagine a greater love.

As I sit here and remember a man who was my everything, my best friend, and my grandfather I can’t help but to smile because he was that special to me and every moment we shared is cherished. The 2-3 hour long phone conversations was what I looked forward to on my days away from home. When I was home, it was wonderful to sit in the kitchen or on the porch for hours having the most random conversations about life. He was a wonderful teacher, family man, father, grandfather and even a great friend. There isn’t a person that I have met to have known him and not feel the same. He was truly a person worth knowing, and someone amazing to share time with.

When I think about him, all I can do is smile. I can hear him laugh, I can see him dance, and I can see that wonderful smile that lit up any room. I miss him so much, and I wrote this to say, Happy Birthday Pop Pop! I love you and may you forever Rest in Peace!

Peace & Blessings
Mira ♥


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