Killer Silence…

Not too long ago I spent a wonderful evening with great friends, who I’ve known since elementary school, some from high school, and some new. It was an amazing evening, but during that time I saw someone who I was absolutely in love with, but was too afraid to ever say a thing. It was good to see him…I appreciated our friendship but after not seeing him in some time, I was just wondering to myself what made it so hard for me to tell him this. We talked on the phone every day for hours, and I still lacked the confidence to tell my friend that I wanted to be with him.

The craziest part of the whole situation is that he liked me, but I honestly felt like I wasn’t pretty enough to deserve him. At the time I truly felt like I was ugly, so I kept thinking maybe he doesn’t really like me, maybe he’s playing…We’re friends! All boys were just my friends…It never exceeded the friend zone, so I just left it alone and never said anything. Maybe I should have, maybe it’s good that I didn’t. But damn…Self-esteem is a silent killer! Even with the world around you making you feel better, it’s always the image that you have of yourself that has the greatest effect. I let my own thoughts and lack of confidence keep me from speaking what I felt…And for so long I felt that way. So crazy….

Feeling beautiful isn’t only a surface thing…It’s something inside of you. The prettiest people can do the ugliest things…But now I know how to accept who I am and to truly love and appreciate myself! bLife was so crazy then, but it’s better now! šŸ™‚

Be Blessed!
Mira ♥


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