Wedding Day<3 [25 July 2010]

Yesterday was one of the best days that I have ever had, and it didn’t even happen to me…lol Okay seriously, it was truly an amazing day and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of my sister’s wedding day.

She was absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t imagine a better brother-in-law. The love that they share is so wonderful and you can feel their love just by walking into their home. They care so much for each other and are always willing to compromise to do what’s best for them and their growing family. Listening to the way that he talks to her makes me happy and I appreciate him being a significant piece to her life.

I watched her celebrate her special day as a Queen should, and seeing them I know that there was no other person made for each of them. They are truly a match made in heaven, the perfect piece to the puzzle of life. The way they make each other smile, the way they pick each other up when they’re down, and the way that they simply look at each other makes me smile. It makes me realize that true love exists only when two people are willing to love each other for who they are and not necessarily what they have. They are willing to compromise…Willing to help make each other better and always willing to pray that each passing day is a day to be together as one, never apart. I love the idea of the two of them being together forever…They are simply beautiful and even when I joke that their love makes me sick to my stomach, my sister knows that I am truly excited about her love and new life with the man she vows to love forever. He is a good man, and I know and trust that my sister is in good hands.

I wish the two of them the best! I love them and the love that they share sooooo much! I pray that they will continue to work as one and never allow anyone or anything ever come between what they!! God has truly blessed them and I see the love even when words aren’t spoken!

Neesie & Mu I wish you guys a wondrous, prosperous, and blessed life together!!

Be blessed loves!

Mira ♥


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