Final Chapter…

I waited so long to have this…Worked pretty hard to keep it, but in the end our story is complete and the final chapter comes to a close. For so long I gave all of me to only receive a quarter of you, and yet I still managed to believe that somehow someway you and I would be…Silly me!

Always hoped that you would care, and that your love will be there. However, I was too optimistic for this so called love that would cease to exist in any moment if I wasn’t the one cultivating it. Only time you wanted me was at the idea of someone else loving me, and foolish of me to believe that we really had this thing…

Looking back, I won’t say that I regret any of my decisions. I won’t even say that I hate you…In fact, I appreciate you for showing me exactly what it is that I really don’t need and what I can save my time and energy for. Waited endless nights just to see your name flash across the screen. Even thought that ignoring you would work, but somehow you’d only be concerned for a minute or two. I never really mattered…I was the one girl not practically throwing herself at you and you couldn’t handle it. The kind of love I was fighting for you couldn’t endure…

Instead of being real and coming out with your true feelings, you really just faded away. Truth is, you weren’t ready, I wasn’t ready for what was in store. You were quite insensitive about my feelings always making me look like the bad person…But the reality of it is that you wanted to manipulate me and have me falling for you like every other female that drools over you…I was a tough pill to swallow. Yea I love you, but taking it to the next level was never your intentions and the fact that I caught on did nothing but make you continue this game.

All I can say is thank you…I won’t say the last three years of this “thing” was a waste, but I will say that it taught me a valuable lesson. And I definitely can no longer live this lie. I wish you the best my love! I finally found the strength to say Good bye! 🙂


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