Weekend of Awesomeness ;)

The original plan set for this past weekend was to allow myself to rest, but who would pass up the opportunity to help their older sister celebrate marrying the love of her life? Or pass up having a surprise birthday dinner for a friend who is always there and willing to help, but rarely gets their efforts reciprocated? I wouldn’t, and all that I can say is that I wouldn’t change this weekend for the world!

Friday night was ladies night and myself, along with the rest of the bridal party and a few close friends took the limo out on the town and surprised my sister with an awesome bachelorette party. No, there were no strippers! Sorry! However, the night was all about my sister and she indeed enjoyed herself as she was treated like the queen that she is! It was a great time and I am happy to have shared that moment with her as we prepare for her to say ‘I Do’ this upcoming Sunday! 🙂

Saturday was pretty awesome! Though my good friend suggested that no one did anything for him as he believes that he isn’t worth the time, money, or the love. Myself along with another friend planned a successful surprise dinner, inviting some of his closest friends! Even though he was reluctant to allow us to spoil him for the night with paying for his food and giving him gifts, he eventually just sucked it up and said thank you! lol I’m glad that we could all make him feel so special on a day when he’s usually doing nothing!

Late Saturday (early Sunday) I came home to about 8 teenage female wide awake talking about school, boys, and whatever else us females talked about as teenagers. Honestly, I was kind of shocked at some of their thoughts, but then again can’t fault them when they’ve probably grew up arpund people who think the same way. Anyway, it was a pretty dope experience and they are beautiful, intelligent young woman who just have a lot to learn about life. I can see them all doing great things! Even if they did keep me up until 6am!

Anywho, this was a wonderful weekend even if sleep never really happened! Just a reminder that we must cherish these moments and appreciate those in our lives, because it can all disappear in an instant!

Enjoy this life, and spread love! 🙂


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