[Bored] ===>.Just.Writing.

Love is to open sky as loathing is to the darkness of night
She once dreamed of a love so high it’ll have her residing on Cloud 9
Unfortunately, she was left with sleepless nights and tear-filled eyes
Everyone told her he just wasn’t what she needed, but that never overshadowed
her feelings that their love was everlasting
Willing to make all onlookers detest this so-called love
It began so beautiful as most things do
However, beauty fades…
Empires fall…
Everything reaches its demise
It’s hard for her to face the man she once loved, but would forever despise…


Love is to open sky as loathing is to a lifetime of unhappiness
She may have fell off the cloud but she landed in the sky…
Through this fall something more beautiful began blooming
as she soared through the sky
The love of self…
To love yourself is far more powerful
To love yourself is allowing someone else to love
She had to go through the pain, but will forever understand
Never did she believe that those sleepless night filled with endless tears
And the days of loneliness could turn into a love so pure…


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