The Essence of Journaling <3

Today I had a conversation with a co-worker and they asked me how I was doing….They didn’t just mean it as we do in our every day passing, but he genuinely wanted to know how I was doing. We began to have a casual conversation about things going on in our lives…It was pretty interesting. I started to tell him how I find it hard to not be able to call my grandfather every day as I was used to. It’s been a very difficult time but as each day passes I find strength in my weakness…That strength is in God! I pray and I keep faith!

He started to tell me about his experience when his grandmother died, and how he too had always had the urge to call and speak with her. He said that he began to write to her and keep it in a journal. It was his way of still getting his feelings out, and finding closure. He’d take them to the cemetery and burn them at the grave leaving the ashes and his worries there. It sounded crazy at first, but as someone who likes to write and understands that it releases so much pain, this could be useful.

In the days to come, I’ll write to my grandfather…Just general conversations that we would share. Conversations that we’ll never get to have in this life. Conversations that will always mean a lot to me regardless if he hears it or not. He’ll always be my grandfather, my best friend, and father…I’ll always be his joy and the sparkle in his eyes! A part of him lives in me, and nothing could replace the memories that I have left to cherish. And with that task, I will also write to my grandmother…It’s the closure that I need in my life, and hopefully it will help me to properly heal!!

Be Blessed Friends!
Mira ♥


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