.::Oh.The.Randomness.[All About Me]::.

1.) Red & Purple are AWESOME colors! My fave!
2.) Sneakers make me feel GREAT!
3.) There’s NOTHING like putting on brand new PUMPS! Love the feeling! lol
4.) Pepperoni & Mushroom pizza is WONDERFUL!
5.) I’m such an AMAZING individual!
6.) I ♥ Shelby’s and Impala’s!
7.) I am a Terp fan! FEAR THE TURTLE!! Testudo Rocks!
8.) I watch the 1st season of the Boondocks repeatedly on the laptop as if I never seen it! lol
9.) Martin is the TRUTH! One of the BEST shows ever created…lol
10.) The CW is my guilty pleasure! Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and ANTM ♥ [They shouldn’t have cancelled The Game I absolutely Love that show]
11.) Writing is rather enlightening! Releases so much tension!
12.) One day I’ll be an English teacher and one of the GREATEST coaches EVER! lol
13.) Jay-Z is…Well, he’s Jay-Z. Nothing to explain! Gotta love him!l
14.) I read when I have free time…Even if it is a Friday or Saturday night. And I’m not talking Zane or EJD(just sometimes)…I’m talking James McBride, Richard Wright, Henry David Thoreau, etc.
15.) Carraba’s, PF Changs, and TGI Friday’s are my favorite restaurants!
16.) I easliy forgive people…
17.) I can be rather blunt at times (rude to some people), but aye gotta love me!
18.) MUSIC IS THE BEST! It’s my therapy!
19.) Me and the lil bro have the same bday! *9.11*
20.) I’ve been through 3 cars in the past 2 years…CRAZY!
21.) Wheaties is the breakfast of CHAMPIONS! lol But I occasionally dabble in Frosted Mini Wheats, Lucky Charms, and Rasin Bran Crunch! lol
22.) I’d LOVE to move to Scottsdale, Arizona!
23.) I LOVE MY NINERS through the GOOD and the BAD!
24.) C. Vivian Stringer and Pat Summit = STRONG WOMEN WHOM I’ll one day coach like!
25.) I’m a very patient individual, and sometimes people like to take advantage of my kindness! One day, I won’t be there for them, and hopefully they’ll understand!
26.) My mom is CRAZY, but I love her to death!
27.) My family comes before everyone else!
28.) Basketball is a way of life…A passion…It’s LOVE!
29.) I want to go to Grad school at Georgia State, Clemson or Gardner Webb! (Possibly Montclair)
30.) JESUS IS AMAZING! HIS LOVE IS EVERLASTING! I’m a work in progress, but trust and believe he’s working on ME! Definitely growing Spiritually!
I’m just too random to have ended there…lol

31. I was rather anxious about deleting this whole thing, and doing it over.
32. Swimming is the greatest stress reliever ♥ I can swim laps for hours!!
33. Camping is fun (as long as you have some cushion under you)
34. Cheesesteaks make my mouth water (real Philly’s that is) ♥
35. I choreograph dances to random songs! I’m like a young Fatima…lol
36. I know the entire choreography to most Janet Jackson songs!
37. I want to go to Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Ireland, France, Spain, Englad, and SOuth America…lol Pretty much everywhere…
38. I want a house in close proximity to Candlestick park.
39. I saw the Bulls play live in action one day and I watched in awe…hahahaha
40. Mary J. Blige is the BEST! Gotta see her live again…
41. A. Keys & John Legend was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to
42. I used to say that dudes I thought weren’t attractive were just different looking instead of ugly…lol
43. The only muse I have to write is anger and pain…Learning to accept the happy muse!
44. I have SO MANY pairs of Chuck Taylors, but my favorite pair(b&w) are so rugged and I don’t care! lol
45. I still think Class of 2004 living in the PH was the BEST! We had fun times! ♥
46. Me, Qee, and Te’ (cousins) made up a group…QTM and would sing and make up dances all of the time
47. My brother and me would stay in the kitchen all late and move the table out of the way and he’d show me how to pop lock and stuff…lol
48. I sing when I’m alone…Not that good at it, but it makes me feel good =]
49. Jessica Serrano has been my friend since 4th grade! She’s my sister. ♥
50. Lemar and Nate have been my friends since 1st grade, and we still talk…lol
51. Primetime in the Daytime on TNT got me through my days off…Best thing ever created ♥
52. I make sandwiches (PBJ, lunch meat & cheese, etc) and I still cut them into triangles! And my lunch meat sandwiches I have to have mayo, mustard, and cheese on both sides…
54. I hate the time between the end of basketball season and the beginning of football season…But I love my YANKEES!
55. GO BULLS, GO NINERS! YUUUP! I ride for my teams =]
56. Have I told y’all how good God is?
57. If I haven’t, GOD IS AMAZING! He does the unseen, and loves even when we feel we don’t deserve to be loved! ♥


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