Love…It’s a funny thing…

So last Friday while I was on edge, basically panicking because everything was going wrong, I got the strangest text. Okay…It wasn’t necessarily strange, but it wasn’t expected.

There’s always that one person that you will love no matter, and even when they piss you off, they can somehow muster up a smile that’ll light up your day. That text message was the light to my day. KB is an amazing person and I love her…Even through the ups and downs we’ve gone through, I’d never change any of it. She is the one person that can piss me off in one instant but somehow make me feel good in the next few seconds…lol No matter what I’ll love this crazy girl! It’s a funny thing!

Or how about that one person that even the slightest thought of them brings a smile to your face? That person that just has such an amazing aura that draws you into their kindness…Just a warm feeling! I get that feeling every time I think of D. Brown…She’s an awesome individual, and I wouldn’t change what she’s been to me for anything in the world. She opened me up to a lot of new things, and truly allowed me to see what I was searching for in life. And through everything, my love remains the same. It’s wonderful to meet people who can just lift your spirits with a smile! And she does just that! Love you Denise! 🙂

In case anyone is wondering…These are two beautiful women who have changed my life for the better. Two beautiful women that I have a true appreciation and a lot of respect for. Two wonderful women that I will love forever. In the past few months I have gone through so many things, and in the midst of it all…I know that God has blessed me! The two of them truly make me happy, and I love everything about the two of them!!! The past few days have been my lowest, and even if they don’t know it, they both have helped cheer me up and helped to recognize that everything will be alright! Just have to keep a smile! 🙂 If you love someone let them know…In the words of Kanye West: If you admire somebody go head and tell ’em, some people never get the flowers while they can still smell ’em…Share the joy, spread the love, and cherish the moments that you have to share!

Much Love!
Be Blessed
TD Moore ♥


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