Chris Brown.Tiger Woods.The People Who LOVED Them.

Okay, so I originally said I’d leave this alone…People asked how I felt about the situation though, so to share my opinion, I’ll blog it and then people can stop asking…

I truly believe that what Chris Brown did was wrong on SO MANY levels, and the entire situation may have been avoided. However, it wasn’t and it happened but just like everyone else in the world, I was NOT there. What’s done is done, and it cannot change but we cannot continue to dwell on the past. Blackballing albums, continuously bashing him…STOP IT!! He apologized…It is up to her to forgive but never forget…It didn’t happen to us, and it’s none of our business how she wants to handle the situation. Let the man breathe! At one point or another all of us will have needed to or will need to be forgiven for something no matter the extent of the situation. Everyone’s acting all high and mighty like they’ve never done anything wrong in their life. I get it and I understand it…I’ve seen it and I know people who have suffered from it…DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS ALWAYS WRONG! But to continuously bring it up is going to forever leave an open scar…And ugh people are SO hypocritical…No one blackballed R. Kelly’s “Chocolate Factory” when he was on trial for child pornography…Granted he was later found not guilty, but people aided to him and supported him through this trial. A few people boycotted, but there wasn’t a huge widespread banning of his album. Chris was wrong, but he needs guidance and support from somewhere..

And if we’re going to get technical, and say that he isn’t what our kids need to look up to are we going to start blackballing albums by Lil Wayne, TI, Gucci Mane, etc?!?! Granted we don’t have proof that they’ve hit any women…They’ve all done something wrong in which they will be forgiven…BS! Having weapons, drugs, whatever…It all sends the WRONG message. We’re talking about youth shooting and beating each other, and succumbing to drugs…It’s all the wrong message. Don’t get me wrong cause I love hip hop, but we have to be serious..I don’t see one sin as being any less or any greater than the other…They’re all equal in my book and will be equally judged. So if we’re supposedly NOT supporting domestic violence, we should NOT support violence of any kind…I’m just saying. It’s all wrong especially when non celebrities drive around with military weapons and won’t get sentenced with a year and a day!

I never said that Chris Brown wasn’t wrong…I think the media and people are all wrong for their portrayal…No one was in that car…And there are 3 sides to every story! In this case…Chris’ side, Rihanna’s side and the absolute truth that neither will honestly share…And it isn’t for us to know…Just let them live and move on with their lives…

Now the Tiger Woods situation is COMPLETELY out of hand! STOP it already!! Okay, he had mistresses, he cheated on his wife…But wait, that happens EVERYDAY! Politicians, elected officials, other celebrities, and regular every day people cheat on their significant others. WE GET IT!! It’s wrong today, it was wrong yesterday, and will be wrong tomorrow! Get over it! This issue isn’t an issue for the world…It’s an issue for Tiger and Elin…NOT all of society! Why has this situation run just as long as 9/11 as far as top news and it’s a personal issue! It doesn’t affect any of our daily lives, and doesn’t pose as a threat to our lives. Leave it alone…Let them deal with it!!! Everyone wants to get all judgmental and high and mighty…Horrible! It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Get a life and make sure everything in your personal life is straight before you start bashing everyone else’s life!

Protection services all up in their house over infidelity when there are children not being fed, being verbally and physically abused, living in conditions that are detrimental to their health and you’re at his house? Ugh irking!

People only care because they put celebrities on these pedestals for NO reason…They’re famous because we make them famous, but that doesn’t stop them from being human or exempt them from making mistakes. Unfortunately for them it just means that the very same people that put you there will try their hardest to put down, and heighten your mistakes over what they’d ever want anyone to do with their mistakes…We all have a past and a past to create, and one day we will need to be forgiven. One day this could be someone we’re close to…We never know what we’re going to do until we’re actually faced with a situation. I pray that the very people bashing them never has to go through all of the public bashing/humiliation that they’ve gone through…

They shall be forgiven…
Be Blessed
TD Moore ♥


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