Friends I say, Aint shit you say
So then I say, Fuck you he said
There’ll be no us again
Now I’m hurt again
No trust I see, but jealousy in thee
Messing with you, He and I couldn’t be
Now I’m hurting again, but so is he
I Love You he said, I felt the pain when he said it
I Love You I said, but the pain just spread
So I ask again, why couldn’t we be
I hurt you, you said but in reality I Loved you
Not affectionate, you say
You’ve changed that, I say
The kisses were the shit, I was so tempted to do it
“Sweet Love” 112 said, so I said with you I would do it
Confusion and tension is not what I need
Just want you to see that “We Could Be” like Keyshia could see
I’m trying to stay together like Lyfe want us to be
So all I’m asking is can we be?


One Response to “{W0Rd}”

  1. Yo!!! I appreciate your comments on my charity post but in order for your post to count towards a donation you have to follow my blog…. SORRY… Gotta stick to the rules but because this will help a special cause is the only reason i’m bugging you,… btw…u r funny as all get out!

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