I hate this feeling…
This empty feeling
What is it that I’m missing?
I once thought I found what I was looking for
But it was only an image in my mind that would soon fade
See my thoughts had overtaken me
And fooled my heart into believing that I had found the one

All along I was high on cloud 9 by myself
You never really existed
The Love I thought I felt wasn’t what I’ve been looking for
The so called Love I had made me turn cold
Emotionless, yea that’s what you call me
But no, all along it was you
You never had the intentions of being with me
I was a pawn in your game, a piece of your unfinished puzzle
Being used until what you thought you wanted had surfaced
See it never occured to you that you were indeed who I wanted
I hated myself for ever wanting you
Better yet, not getting over you
So again my thoughts had overtaken me and had me fooled, believing that I had found the one

I’d like to take the time to introduce you to someone
Meet the cold, broken hearted, emotionless fool
The fool who believed that hiding feelings would ever help to go unscarred
Open up is what they say but only to get shut down
See, the Love I imagined never existed
You never really wanted me
It was all a part of the game
And yes, I allowed my thoughts to overtake me
I believed that you could be the one

It was you
You saw nothing in me
I wasn’t good enough
I told myself that I wouldn’t fall for fear of never being caught
But wait…
The tables have turned
You never wanted me, The love I had never existed
You were a part of my game
Opening up isn’t me, and I tried just to test your loyalty
When I said I loved you, it was to make you go away
As I lied next to you whispering in your ear, I miss you
You fell into my trap
See you began falling and I had to let you drop
Falling in love again was never the plan
But using you for what I wanted, that’s what it was
That’s what you had planned for me, but I had already started the game
That first conversation, I told you how sexy I thought you were…
How I’ve been wanting you for a while now
You smiled
You had butterflies…It felt great didn’t it
I used you the way I’ve been used so many times before
So see in actuality you let thoughts of me overtake you, and indeed you were fooled into believing that you had found the one

Settling is pointless
See the love I had never existed
You and I never were
The Love we had never was
It was all an image in our minds
Just a mirage
It was the game we both played
And at the end, neither of us are happy

The cycle repeats itself, and another is hurt…
So when will you be tired of playing…
The Game


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