Thoughts of Life are taking over my mind
I had a plan
I’m trying to live my plan
Damn…There’s been a change of plans…

See they’re suffocating
I can barely breathe
Even in my sleep
These thoughts control me
Forever trying to break free

Release Therapy…
That’s what you prescribed
Yet there isn’t enough dosage to revive me
So I’m still working to break free…

Free of these crazy thoughts that I’m a failure
Thoughts of not finding love
Crazy thoughts of being hurt…

Excuse me?
Hurt…psst…We’ve passed this stage
So again I’m back in therapy
Is there any way to rehabilitate this lost soul

Yes, I say lost soul
Working on a lost cause…
These thoughts run so smoothly through my brain
Yea the kid is rather insane
I know that’s what your thinking

Well let me take you through my final frame…
See I was lying there, but you were touching me
I couldn’t see you but the touch was so soft
I’ve been trying to bring back this picture
Your face is fading, and I don’t remember…
Damn…I was dreaming

It was just all in my thoughts…
Flowing freely
Me thinking of life
And Living free
Gasping for air
These thoughts cause suffocation
Can you resuscitate me?

These are my cashmere thoughts…Running wild & free…

Hahaha…Yea I was buggin today…I know it probably sounds like I was tripping, and I am!!!


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