Save me from myself
I’m slowly dying in my thoughts
Drowning in my feelings
Hanging from the words that I speak
Hypothetically I am going insane in my own mental asylum

A Prisoner of Words
That I am
Words unsaid cut like a knife
It’s internal suicide
Inside, I am slowly dying
I can’t save myself
I am forever scarred
I’m shut in my own solitary confinement
I served as the excutioner when I chose to not speak

This mental straight jacket
I’ve worn for so many years
How will I get out of it?
To these chains I am bound
Is there a feeling strong enough to help me explode
Dead to the world
My thoughts overtake me

This shortness of breath
For the air I gasp
The concept of expression I have yet to grasp
For that I’ve been served three life sentences
No bail No bonds
Neither will save me
It’s all taking place as my brain cells pace
Searchin for an escape
I look through the tunnel but there’s nothing at the end
It’s an endless bottomless pit
Each day I fall deeper into this deadly state

This constant battle I fight
The bars possess me
I spoke something
Whispers I share
Can you hear? Are you there?
This mental battle has me distraught
As whispers travel through the halls and around my cell
My feelings are released
But in the air they linger
Can you save me?


2 Responses to “::Can.You.Save.Me::”

  1. Girl your words are so inspiring! I love it and will be following ur blog πŸ˜‰ keep it up!

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