You ever here some disturbing news, and just wish that you hadn’t heard? Apparently, yesterday was the day for all of the horrible news!! First thing that morning I hear that a young boy…Just 16 was beat to death. What made the story worse…It was recorded, and no one in the video attempted to get help until he was lying on the ground with no response!! WHAT!!?!?!?! How crazy do you have to be to watch someone get jumped on, kicked, punch, and beat with a 2X4 before you actually make a move!?!?! It was a senseless act of violence…

Animals live in cages, so what does that say about the humans who live behind bars? And we’re the highest in the circle of life…Top of the food chain…The more intellectual beings…So why do we act lower than what we are!?!?! The only creatures on earth who fight to kill! It’s just sickening!!

I pray for that young man’s family! I pray for others who stories haven’t made headline news…I pray for those who feel the need to conform with the foolishness!! When will people wake up!?!?! People organized sit ins, were lynched, beat, tortured by dogs and fire hoses for us to have all that we have, and what do we do? We act less than human! Pure savages living like we’re in the jungle…Survival of the fittest is a mind thing…Can your mind and intellectual ability withstand the test of time? Pick up a book and learn something…What is it that you’re dying for?!?! Like I said before…Look in the mirror and realize that you in fact live real lies! Trading your soul for concrete blocks, cell blocks, and tombstones is not cool!

The very thing once fought for has been ignored…EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!!

Now…After having such a trying time after watching the video, and actually seeing that people were just around. It was something to see, a show. NOT! My friend tells me that he used to work as a security guard at this company where he worked with a female who is about 30 years of age. I was trying to figure out where he was going with his story as he talked about her…He said she was boring, and her life had no substance. I thought it was a rather bold statement. However, as I sat back and listened I realized that she indeed lacked substance. She doesn’t understand self worth or the importance of an education. She has three children…The oldest one has been kicked out of school numerous times…The middle gets into a lot of trouble…And the saddest part of it all: Her 6 year old son was left back in the first grade. And what truly makes it sad is that she says she doesn’t know what’s wrong with them, and if they knew how to behave they wouldn’t be in the situations that they’re in. Your son is 6 and was left back and you feel that you have no responsibility to that?!?!? How do you blame your 6 year old for failing. No, as a parent she failed him!

Partying and men cannot be our focus ladies! If we don’t appreciate and love ourselves men won’t!! We cannot continue to degrade ourselves yet expect prince charming to come take us away! It isn’t going to work! Stand up and be a woman. I am sure that it is hard to raise children on your own…I watched my mother raise four on her own, but NEVER did she put partying and men BEFORE us! NEVER! If anything, the fact that she wasn’t able to achieve all that she wanted in life is what made her discipline us even more. We weren’t allowed to miss school…There was no hanging out with bad grades or going outside before homework was done. She made sure that she went to work to provide us with all our needs…She never expected our teachers to do what she should do at home! Come on people…We have to wake up and take responsibility! I wasn’t wearing new Jordans and coming home to no lights or no food! It just wasn’t happening. What do you find valuable? Take note of what’s important in your life. And no I’m not dogging women…I’m just saying when we’re in tough situations, we should make a way!

And yes, men need to stand up as well! No, my name isn’t yo, shawty, or aye! And no I do NOT want to see you boxers, tighty whities, or basketball shorts under your jeans! PULL THEM UP! It looks a mess anyway! Far from ever being cute or attractive! You look dirty! I’m not saying that you have to have a college degree…College isn’t for everyone, but find something to do…something skillful and legit! If you can be on the block at 7am…You could have gotten up to go work in a factory doing stock…Go do some masonry, lay some bricks…Get into carpentry…Waste Management…Drive trucks! DO SOMETHING!!! I’m down to stand by a man’s side if he’s working to achieve a goal, and not settling to what society views him as!! GET A JOB! Buy some better fitting clothes! You don’t need skinny jeans, but damn, I do NOT want to see your behind! Too big t-shirts…OFF THAT! Dress like an adult for once!! When a female doesn’t want to talk to you…That doesn’t make her a hoe, bitch, slut, etc…It makes her someone who knows what they want, and you’re NOT it! On to the NEXT! Don’t get mad…Be glad…She wasn’t for you! Find someone else!

Anywho…There’s been a lot going on, and I hope that everyone begins to take an appreciation for the life that they have, and will work to make life better! We HAVE to be better than we were before! I cannot stress that enough!

R.I.P. DeShawn! I’m going to miss you cousin! You’re with your mom and dad now, and I know that Aunt Bert and Uncle Ben are happy to have you! I wish that I was there to say my final goodbye! I love you and you will NEVER be forgotten!

Be Blessed friends!!
Mira ♥


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