Twitter: Not bad at all…

So everyone has been going through sort of a craze over social network Twitter! It’s become quite informative, and very beneficial. You connect with various people around the world instantaneously, sharing a variety of views, but coming together to find common ground. It’s often been the center of debates, but it’s awesome that we’re able to debate, agree, and compromise all on one network without truly having to do much of anything but use up to 140 characters, and hit post!

I have some awesome followers, and can I say that I follow some pretty cool individuals! Now to get to the point…
I am a RT machine, and I usually RT things that I feel are beneificial, inspiring, and informative! It’s things that we should all be aware of, and Twitter gets it to you in a matter of seconds. Some of it can be false, but a lot of times, there are real stories, touching tweets…

Last night @iroccwilliams posted that the people who took the life of his good friend Crystal Crawford needed to be found! After immediately RTing his post, I received an overwhelming response from people who wanted to help get the word out! Though, I am 1,000+ miles away, I feel like it’s something that we can all sympathize with. It made me smile to know that people cared so much to even take notice, and made me realize that everything that we spread over the internet isn’t as bad as people make it seem!

Spread the word! Justice for Crystal Crawford!

Be Blessed Friends!
Much Love,
TD Moore ♥


3 Responses to “Twitter: Not bad at all…”

  1. I agree with you on the benefits of twitter but have u ever thought to yourself.. “twitter gone get somebody’s ass kicked???

  2. Lol…Yes, I have thought that. But then again, most social networks get people in trouble. Be people just need to be more cautious and sometimes share a little less. Some things we just really need to keep private, and others…It’s like hey if you don’t like it, simply unfollow…lol

  3. The internet is amazing that way in General to me. Some people believe the internet is dangerous but many things can be if they are used the WRONG way and you are careful.

    As for Twitter, anytime people ask me that haven’t tried it they think that it is useless until they TRULY use it for like 2-3 Days. then they are hooked.
    Look, Twitter is saving lives, trying to help bring people to justice and many other great things.

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