me =)Waking up…

You’re the first face I see
Your smile captivates me
Makes me wonder what I’ve done so right to have you in my life
You fit perfect in my puzzle like He designed you just for me
Though I had you go through a maze, something like a whirlwind
The fact still remains that you loved me the right way
And this all feels so right

I love it when you hold me tight
Makes me feel so safe and secure
Like all I could ever do is be yours
Somehow your love even slips into my dreams
Damn, you got me smiling in my sleep…

See you never once disrespected
And you always said you could wait for what no man has yet to discover
Cause I held so tightly wrapped, and it is the gift that only the man who loves
could ever have

Wow…You’re the first face I see as I awake
Got me eating breakfast in bed
You’re everything I could ever ask for
Ooh and I adore the way you love the Lord
Yes, your relationship with God
makes me love even deeper
He truly blessed me when he sent you this way

Who would’ve thought that first conversation would turn into something so pure
It’s neverending bliss
My winter feels like summer My fall feels like spring
Something I’ve never felt before

A heart that was once so cold feels so warm with every kiss
Holding hands as we walk down the street
Never thought of a love like this
At times I have to catch myself to be sure that I’m still breathing
Everything you do takes my breath away
Picnics in the park
The smallest surprises
Ooh how I like it

So many times, I’ve been afraid to fall
But with you it all feels so right
Waking up…

The smile is still on my face
Though my thoughts had wandered off
I could never forget the love I felt
It was only a dream
But see a dream that’ll one day be
Because I know you’re out there waiting for me…


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