Stranger {stalker} Danger!!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, and thought that it may be cool to give them your number? It’s horrible when that plan backfires!

I recently began talking to two people[not trying to be in a relationship; just trying to be cool]…Two who I wish that I wouldn’t have began talking to. Well, one has been trying to talk to me for over a year, and the other I was just there for when he was going through something. Gosh! I just want to change my number…Has anyone else ever experienced the dreadfulness that is sharing your telephone number?

The constant phone calls, and the constant text messages drive me insane!!! And they say that females are crazy! Well, there has been a change. I’ve never had a guy call me so many times in one day! Gosh!!! What should I do?!?!?!

Crazy number one {C.W.} texts me some off the chain ish…
CW: Mira…
Me: Yo I’m in a meeting, what’s up?
CW: Oooooooo mira mira mira…why are you sooo retarded
Me: What the hell are you talking about? Get a life
CW: what about me mira…what about how i feel mira…u never asked once damnit!
Me: Hmmm…So yea what are you talking about?
CW: Stop making look crazy mira lol…im going to come find you

What in the world? Yea I just added his number to my reject list!!!

The next guy…I was just trying to be a cool friend, you know, and be there as he vented about his relationship problem. But dang..That didn’t mean we were going to hook up!! I’m not trying to be with you CRAZY! He called me like 8 times today and left 3 messages…What’s going on? Am I going crazy or are dudes on their ya mean?

Crazy number two {J.L.} having some issues…He says he just wants to be cool, nothing serious, but now he’s bugging getting all attached and ish for no apparent reason!!!
JL: we actn funny 2day
Me: what? ugh what are you talking about?
JL: Are we actn funny 2day?
Me: Again, what are you talking about?
JL: Haven’t heard from you all day
Me: It’s 2:00pm and I’ve been busy…what up?
JL: ok…Thnkn of u
Me: Why?
JL: nvamne
JL: Will it trouble u 2 send me a pic so dat will shw instead of ur nme if u eva call
JL: u there?
Me: I can’t send pics from my phone
JL: Ok! Do u nt wnt 2 tlk 2 me
Me: Hmmm…why?
JL: How u rspndn
Me: How am I responding?
JL: Wel it seems lke u nt wntn 2 tlk bt mayb its me
Me: I was just responding…But if you feel some kinda way…okay
JL: Dats ok i just thought differently and il tke da blame 4 dat
Me: hmmm…
JL: So will i hear frm u lata
Me: hmm idk
JL: ok dats wats up

Moral: Guard your phone number with all your might! lol Don’t share with the crazies!!! Ugh…Just too irking! What’s going on in the world? Why are dudes so beat? I’m not blowing ya phone up and I am not texting you all day if I feel like you’re iggin me…Ugh SO NOT BEAT!!!


One Response to “Stranger {stalker} Danger!!”

  1. Yooooooooo, that’s funny and crazy. And they say it’s always us (females) hitting up the celly too much. It seems like the tables have been turned. Thanks for sharing your story. You proved why I just don’t give my number to just anyone.

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