Days like this I get lost in my thoughts…My mind wanders to far off lands
Travels to past empires, and makes love to your mental
Yeah makes love to your mental
The shell of your physicality is just made to protect that which is truly you
And yes, I love the essence of love that is you
So sensual
So poised
Your lips so soft
Your words are filled with power
Leaves me weak and yearning for more

Days like this makes me wonder…Keeps my wandering into those uncharted territories
That makes up you
And makes me want to explore
Go on an archaelogical dig to truly find what it is to love you
What makes you smile
What makes you tick
And ooh did I mention your lips

Yes days like this….
Keeps me wondering
As my mind wanders into the thoughts of your love
I get lost in a world engulfed in true beauty
and give my heart to you

On days like this…My mind wanders into far off lands
Travels through untamed waters
Just to hold you
To tell you that I love you
And to hear that you love me too

But then again…
on a day like this…
We wake up and realize that it was all just a fantasy
and we return to reality
Back to where my love for you is dying
And your love for me never existed
We just had this thing
Never knew what to call it
Never wanted it to be more
Never truly understood what it was that you were looking for

On a day like this…
I resort to the love in my heart
And realize that you and I must part…

TD Moore ♥


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