It’s like that y’all
I mean that’s really all I’m hearing
cruising down the highway
Ahhh I feel lost
Well, I really feel like I lost my one true Love

In the midst of a tragedy, in time it’ll prevail
Yes, I put him before most cuz he never seemed to boast…
We had a mutual understanding…
Somehow my harmony just matched his melody
through a written Score..Better yet through those 16 bars
And yes, I loved the way he spit them bars creating our loves Anthem
As we traveled to the South Bronx then headed to the Bricks

He would’ve never just been my B.U.D.D.Y
I’d never let him walk on by
I thought I landed on Real Love

There was a time that I couldn’t quite understand his rhythm
But I always caught his beat
The soul of a Disc Jockey
Yea, that’s what captured me…
Damn, this is serious business right here but y’all not hearing me
Guess the phone’s tapped
Maybe, I’ve just forgotten how he good he had been

I can’t help but to feel that I’ve lost touch with my one and only true love
I’m thinking he escaped to Tennessee on a quest to find his way
The feelings that arise every time…
Every time that I hear I Need a Beat
It’s like nothing could ever erase those 6 minutes at The Show
That’s all it took…6 Minutes…

I thought I found my true Love
Somehow it’s gone missing
And I feel like I’ve been around the world and back to Cali
Tried to find him breakin in Harlem or coolin out in Yonkers
But there’s still No Way Out
Nah this shouldn’t be dismissed as just a 10% Diss but shiit
There’s so many that are still Paper Thin
Just trying to get down with Other People’s Property

They couldn’t find my love
All I could hear was F**k the Police
Got me feeling like I’m Public Enemy #1
So maybe I shouldn’t even Push It…
Cause all dudes really want anyway, is an Around the Way Girl

I still remember the Children’s Story
About how Teenage Love could hold the glory
Can’t help but to believe that he was in fact my One Love
And we will soon Triumph
You know…Cause the Sky’s the Limit
Gotta figure out the METHOD
Cause they can’t really knock the hustle
There’s still Reasonable Doubt
So maybe One more Chance is all we need to Walk This Way
And he’ll come back to me
Then you’ll never have to hear me say I Need Love
or even reminisce over what has passed

It never mattered that Brenda Had a Baby
And he wanted to be the daddy
He was once my heart’s symphony
But now I sit here wishing that I could hit repeat
Rewind the tape deck or even flip that track
Cause I’m sitting here
Looking for the Perfect Beat…


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