Aaliyah Dana Haughton {1.16.79 – 8.25.01}

Eight years ago today, the music industry lost a very talented songtress and a family lost a daughter/cousin/sister/friend. A lot of times people ask why does it matter, because her fans didn’t know her personally. It isn’t about knowing her personally, it’s about an impact that she may have had on you through her music. When a person dies, you don’t have to know them to sympathize or to even empathize with the family for their loss. Too many times do we focus on the wrong things…It’s a life that should be celebrated! Regardless of who or what she was to or for you! She made an impact on someone somewhere and there’s a family who may always have that void of a life taken to soon.aaliyah127d7445zh6

I remember my mom waking me up that morning to tell me that she died…I was sleep so hard that I thought it was part of my dream. I rolled back over, but the thought crossed my mind and I got up to check out the tv. Of course there would be coverage if it had in fact occured. And to my surprise my mother was telling no lie. I sat there in awe with pure disbelief that the words scrolling across the screen were in fact true. I watched MTV all day still not ready to believe that she was gone. She was 22 years-old…Everything was looking up for her. New album dropping, and her acting career was picking up.

Man was it crazy! In fact 2001 was just a crazy year for me! The things that were occuring…The people who were dying. It was all too much. But all we can do is celebrate the life…Remember what it was in fact that made the world fall in love with Aaliyah and others. Watching the videos of those closest to her and the people who were around before she boarded the plane. I just couldn’t believe it…It was truly a sad day. But it made me wonder…If I died today what kind of impact would I have had on those around me. What would they say about me? What kind of legacy could I leave behind in such a short time…Would they ever remember?


With that…I remember those who I’ve lost…Those who have impacted me in some way to make me who I am…The ones who made me fall in love with music, with sports, and with God! Family & friends who will never forget me, and would one day celebrate my life.

Aaliyah is truly missed, and she will never be forgotten. Music stands the test of time and will live on…Through her songs, her family, and her fans the Princess of R&B lives on!!


May she forever Rest in Peace ♥
TD Moore


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