It’s Been a Long Time…I Shouldn’t Have Left You!

So…I am now currently living back in South Carolina -blah- I guess, I’ll have time to blog more…Work won’t be as hectic 7-5 is OVER! It’s been a pretty interesting summer…Can’t wait for the not so HOT weather! I have a jacket/hoodie fetish that I am dying to cater to…lol

Talk about having a rough time…So my uncle passed away in early June. Tough times they were! I thought I was going to be able to get through that…Took a while, then July 4th I got a crazy phone call from my father. He was crying, and I knew what it was…July 10th we buried my grandmother, and I just really couldn’t deal. You ever been around family, but it not really feel like family? That’s how I am with my father’s side. I don’t really know them all too well, and boy was it evident. I met an uncle that week that I never knew existed, and was stared at by those who were “in” the family like some sort of stepchild as if I had no right to mourn the loss of my grandmother. However, there were a few who was there and we helped to console each other during this trying time. I only knew my grandmother for about 5-6 years, but in that time we becamse very close. We would sit in her living room and talk about a lot of things for hours until one of us to go. I’d call occasionally while I was away at school, and she’d randomly send cards.

She was born in South Carolina, so we had SOOOO MANY talks about her life down south and the big move to New Jersey. There was a bit of a connection for us…She was an educator for many years before devoting her life to the word of God, in which she’d counsel and minister to the people about Jehovah. I am currently working on my goal to become an English teacher, so we’d spend hours talking about just that. She loved sports, just as I do and we’d have strong debates over who was better in what sport…Football, she was an Eagles fan -blah- lol Apparently, I don’t fit in with any of my family members…They’re all Eagles and Cowboys fans…ha I love San Fran! Yuup! This is true…I used to yell “Go Joe Joe! Hit Jerry!!! WOO HOO! TOUCHDOWNNNN!” lol Yeah I was crazy, SO WHAT?!?! I LOVE MY NINERS! Anywho…Through the times we shared, we learned a lot about each other. I remember the last time I talked to her. She had just got out of the hospital from brain surgery…She told me that she was proud of me, and was happy to have met me even though she wishes we had met me earlier cause I’m a very sweet girl. {Dad’s a loser…lol He’s getting better!! I love him!} I’ll never forget that!! Love you Granny {R.I.P} ♥

A few weeks ago, as I was preparing to leave New Jersey…Heard some crazy news!! My friend Cool {Alan} hit me up like “hey do you know Scott Ferguson?” Hmmm…Took me a minute to think of it, and I told him that I did…Well, the outcome was that Scott was killed. Another senseless killing. Scottie too Hottie was such a cool individual. He never had problems with anyone…the kind of person you thought of and it would make you smile. Very fun-loving, carefree, sincere individual…Gone at the blink of an eye. When will it stop? When will we begin to uplift our communities insteas of tearing them apart? As if there aren’t enough issues surroundin the black community, we continuously kill each other off. Seriously, what is the hope for the future? I had a very interesting gorup of 7th & 8th graders this summer, and to them someone getting shot is normal. I’m sorry but I’m not down with conditioning children to believe that there is nothing else to do in life except gang bang and sell drugs. As we leave our cities in search for a better life, we must be reminded that there was someone who helped to guide us…Someone God put in our lives for a reason, so we could make a way out of no way…We should have no problem giving back. If the one’s who are changing their lives for the better leave and never come back, all the kids have left are the one’s who will probably never make it out of the “hood’ and become a statistic. I’m trying to inspire some statistic breaking individuals, who will be able to make a difference and see a change in their community…You should too! Become a mentor…Do some volunteer work…You don’t even have to spend every day all day with them…One little phone call or e-mail, one weekend a moth trip…Anything! It could be all they need if you’re unable to see them on a daily basis!

With that…My heart goes out to the Ferguson family…Craig, I pray that you have the strength to make it through this time! Scott was loved by so many, and I hope that the love they have for your brother will help you to climb over this mountain! Much love ♥

Be Blessed Friends!

Mira ♥


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