Okay, so anyone who knows me, knows that I love Mary J. Blige! She’s amazing in more ways than one! Her music consists of things that I can relate to, and allows you to truly experience things that she has gone through. We’ve all had hardships, suffered pain, and experienced what it is to be happy! Through her music, you can feel just that! Love & Life….And all that come along with it!!! However, though I love this woman’s work, and truly have an appreciation for her music, I will NOT go as far as to tell someone that they suck at life, and don’t love themselves for not being her fan! We are all entitled to our own opinions. It is NOT a requirement to like everyone in the music industry. Besides, me arguing with someone about her talent is pointless…I’m not getting a paycheck out of it, and I could really care less about how you feel about her. I’m ME and I’ll forever be ME, and love MJB!

I’ve come into contact with some crazy individuals lately! If you haven’t noticed, Beyonce’ has some of the most ridiculous fans! Serously, you can’t even say that you’re NOT really feeling a song, her hair, or an outfit that she wore. Come on people…It’s NOT that serious! I had a boy argue with me that I was stupid for ever liking Mary J Blige, because she is proof that you can make it in the industry and not have talent. He said Beyonce had a song go diamond, and MJB would never achieve that status…And I was crazy for ever liking an abused crackhead…Yeah such strong words from someone Beyonce’ has NEVER met and probably wouldn’t even care to. Yea, my response was…It’s 2009 and she’s still relevant today. She’s obviously doing something right! I’m sorry that you feel that way, and maybe you should take the time to evaluate what’s important in your life, since your so obsessed with hers and why she shouldn’t be singing. Mad disrepectful to her as a person once you bring up her being abused, as if that’s not important. Come on, her personal life and what she went through behind closed doors is not something to bring up in an argument. You don’t even know her, and domestic violence is serious! SO STOP!

Then yesterday, some silly girl told me that I suck at life and that I don’t really love myself because I am not a Beyonce’ fan! Seriously??!?! What the hell does she has to do with me? lol Apparently, Beyonce’ represents women everywhere {her words, not mine} and she is what we should aspire to be…Hmmm

I am sorry, but I TOTALLY DISAGREE! I am Tamira Dane’ Moore, and the ONLY thing I will ever aspire to be is a BETTER ME! So, you too go do some self-evaluating and figure out what it is that you don’t love about yourself. TRUST & BELIEVE I LOVE MY DESIGN! And I thank God every day for all that He has done for me, and what it took for me to truly love & appreciate myself!!! And Beyonce’ does NOT fit the bill on how to rate the level of love for one’s self…Grow up!

I never knocked her hustle…I believe that she is an extremely talented person. Her songs just don’t really do anything for me [I did love the Dangerously in Love album] That’s it though…Sorry, but it’s the truth! And no, that doesn’t make me a hater! Humans are entitled to their opinions, and when you just disagree or dislike something, that does NOT make you a hater. It makes you an individual, which we all are! INDIVIDUALS with INDIVIDUAL MINDS, WANTS, and NEEDS!

Aspire to be a better you! Inspire someone to be better than they were yesterday!

TD Moore ♥


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