We’ve been submerged in the ignorance
Have yet to remove the chains from our minds
We haven’t been anywhere because we blame and complain
Teach our children to feel shame
Not quite recognizing the pride that’s flowing through our veins

See we went from being the nig and the nigger to being the niggas
All they fought for was change
But the only change we’ve seen is the master holding the whip
They once held us in by fences
Now there are no borders
But we restrict ourselves through miseducation
Books we don’t read and we feel lintelligent cause we can raise our fists and say Malcom X, Rosa Parks, and Dr. King

Now we’ve become prisoners
Robbing ourselves of a natural born right, which was originally fought for
But now all we fight for is the boy or girl next door
And who’s the new owner of ths street corner
See what really matters is the child sitting in class hungry
The one labeled a troubled child, but we have yet to learn their story

We hold each other down because it’s harder to say good job than it is to say man that nigga aint sh*t
You can look in her eyes and see the tears she cried as she lost him
Now she’s a single mother struggling just to get by
That man she thought she loved wouldn’t fight to keep her because he had grown tired of the tears she cried every time she heard the gun scream
See they once fenced us in
But who needs fences when concrete blocks and steel bars has secured his identity

Your mind has been tainted
Take a look in the mirror and realize that we in fact live true lies
We’re afraid of the truth
So we do just enough to get by
Slipping through the cracks just to sell a brother crack
Missing the silent child who’s crying inside
Cause the only music they hear at night
Is that of a mother who’s too afraid to fight back
Looking passed the boy looking to be loved
Cause the only words he’s ever heard is that he’s just like his father
And he’ll never be sh*t

We never praise the father who stood his ground and provides for his home
Providing his children with more than they’ll ever need
Showing his love and affection
We focus on all of the wrong things and the one’s who aren’t about much
Overlooking those excelling in search of a new life
See we’ve embraced these new chains that come in platinum and gold
Sometimes they’re silver, white or rose gold

Our minds are held captive
We’re just looking through the bars of the cages we’ve built in our minds
They once fought for change
But the only change we’ve seen is fences traded for steel bars and concrete
Blocks that read R.I.P.
The streets have become the new plantation
Scared to take action
Just sit back and relax
Walk on by
It’ll get better with the end of time…


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