The Thoughts…{They Don’t Stop}

Hey World!

Last night, I came home and decided I would watch some television. I don’t do that often unless “The Game” is on, but of course the CW canceled it…Whatever. Anywho, I started to watch “So You Think You Can Dance”. Funny stuff! Some people were very talented and I wish that their auditions could be longer. On the other hand, there were those who it just hurt to watch dance! So sad! I wish them the best, and I admire the courage they have to go on to try something new {even if they can’t dance, they possess the heart to try}. After that went off, I decided to try to watch the basketball game. Basketball is rather intense for me, and I know I would have woke everyone up had I continued to watch…lol Soooo…I started watching “Coach Carter”, and I don’t know why…lol I get frustrated everytime I watch it, because I realize that there may be “educators” out there who would rather let a child slip by, instead of challenging them to do better….

I could never understand why EVERYONE was so mad at Carter for asking that his team present themselves as gentlemen, play with skill/class, and strive to be better than they were the day before…That’s something people could use to live by. What’s wrong with inspiring someone to do better. Being sure that their grades are better, and that they play without the arrogance isn’t false hope…It is helping them to acknowledge that outside of where they are, people require more of you. It’s a recipe for success…Think great, be great! I couldn’t believe that the prinicpal was just willing to let her school/students/community remain a statistic. How about break the statistic, rise to the occasion, and shock the world! Coach Carter was giving his team something to live for other than just a basketball game. He was providing them with the opportunities to have options outside of the graveyard and prison. Nothing wrong with that….

As a person who is passionate about working with youth, I get frustrated when I see teachers/administrators acting as if they do not care about the future of the children they work with. I once had a teacher tell me that I would never make it out of Camden, NJ and would probably end up with a few children before making it out of high school. A softball coach who considered everything our team did as ghetto, and tried to hinder us from thinking outside of the city limits of Camden. However, I knew that there was more to life, and I would NEVER settle to do nothing more than birth children and live off of the system. Now, I want to find both of them and show off my success {University of South Carolina, soon to have a M.A.T in English and Masters Certificate in Youth Development}…I paved a wonderful path with all Faith in God, knowing that it wasn’t His plan for me to sit back and watch as things around me got tough. I was built strong for a reason, and I know what my purpose is. I could never imagine telling my students that they wouldn’t succeed. If anything, I want them to understand that the sky isn’t the limit…Go out and go beyond! Reach for the Solar System! BE GREAT!

Let’s begin to live an intentionally life. Live on purpose! Find your purpose, and put all Faith in God! The best has yet to come! Let’s be better than we were yesterday and the day before…Do something that you’ve never done before. Spread love, share a hug, be happy!

Have a Blessed Day people!

Much Love

T.D. Moore ♥


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