A Love Like…

I want a love that’ll have me living on Cloud 9
A Love like John Legend leaving me So High
A Love that we can sit on the phone for hours and not say one word
But we know that our silence speaks volumes type love

Never that all we do is argue at every moment type love
But that we have a mutual understanding and we’re going to make it last type love

That kind of love that when he lays me on my stomach and caresses my back
I feel it a million times over my body type love
I want a love like each time we kiss, it feels like the very first time
That when I feel it deep, I want him to be my first and last to ecstacy type love

Never that I messed around a few times, but I love you type love
But always on that you’re the only one for me type love

That kind of love that when we’re at worse
We’re both down to ride, and work through it type love
A love that will let me in and understand his deepest desires
Never afraid to tell me how he’s feeling type love

But he’s never on that f*ck you and move to the next type love
He’s on that you pissed me off, but I’m willing to let you make it up type love

I want that love that’ll have me feeling like we’re the only two in existence
That when night falls and the stars are bright he’s still the only one I have in sight
That love where I wake up just to admire true beauty

Never that we stay up all night because he can’t trust me type love
But that we stay up together and cuddle while he holds me tight type love

See I want that Neverending story type love
That we can write an entire library type love
We build our fantasies and live them type love
I love when he makes me feel beautiful type love
Nothing in the world matters when we’re touching type love

Not trying to have any little secret type love
I want that you’re my everything and who cares type love

See now I’m feeling like I’m asking for too much cause nowadays I receive any kind of “love”
But I’m searching for that Real love where he’s my everything type love
My Eric Benet, Tamia Spend My Life with You type love
I Surrender everything to him 112 type love
But I’m hoping for that Heatwave Always & Forever type love
With a taste of Endless Love…


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