Happy Tuesday! {Or is it?}

So…I have not blogged in a while, and I figured I’d just start again. Hmmm…Where shall I start?

Today has been a pretty interesting day so far. Have you ever gone a while without talking to someone, and then all of a sudden they contact you as if it hasn’t been some time bewteen the last time you all have spoken? That happened today…I spent some time not talking to a certain someone, and pretty much attempted to cut them off for personal reasons, but I got a phone call today. It was rather awkward…Almost wanted to hang up, but would have been rude. The conversation proved interesting, and helped me to clear up a few things. Glad I didn’t hit the decline button…

I had class at 9:00am…I take a summer Spanish course, and it’s been quite fun {a little tough}. Definitely couldn’t focus properly but it was all good. My Spanish is getting better! Soon I’ll be able to have full dialogues! While riding to class, I heard the dumbest song ever: “Halle Berry (She’s Fine)” by Hurricane Chris….I’m mad that song gets air time. It’s stupid. What is music turning into? People are “Swag Surfin”, and doing the “Ricky Bobby”…WHAT?!?!?!!? Pure foolishness…Just my opinion though.

However, good music does still exist…Chrisette Michele’s “Epiphany” is amazing! And of course a much awaited return – Maxwell is back and his beautiful single “Pretty Wings” is wonderful! If you’re on Twitter follow @RashadHouston – He’s an up and coming artist! He’s pretty good too! Check out his inpirational song “My Son” http://www.zshare.net/audio/604730833fd600a8/

Anywho…I think I may be done for today, unless somethine else comes to mind!
Ahhh…to the one I love – I LOVE YOU! Have a GREAT day!
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Good Day People!

TD Moore ♥


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