My 21st WOO HOO!!

Well so many people wished me a Happy Birthday, I just want to thank everyone, and let you all know that I appreciate the Love! My birthday was GREAT!

Wild Wings was HILARIOUS…

Greg -“Does he really have on a lime green t-shirt with red suspenders?”
Mira-“Oh shit…I didn’t even notice him…Was he serious? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” *dies*

Thank you goes out to the waitress for the shot of Cuervo on the house and taking our pic even though you messed it up…Jana’ for the Black Cherry Cosmo…Brent for the Long Island Ice Tea…And Shannon just for being there to celebrate with me!!! *hugz*

I had a blast and I spent it with many people, unfortunately not with my fam back home, but we’ll party in due time…

You know since me and my girls have all hit that 21 mark…Jae you know we gotta do something CRAZY…Just like old times…Remember Cooper River/Ty’s 18th Birthday Party… Oh NO blue juice for Nakia…Hahaha

Anyway…Thanks again!!!!

Oh yea…
A very special person really made my day. I just want to thank you for the surprise…It was nice getting to my apt and seeing Yellow Roses and that new Kanye on my door!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Thankies!!!

Lovies ♥



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