What It Is I Do…

Man there’s so many things that I do
But all that ever seems to matter is when I think of you
I wish everyday I lived was spent sittin in your arms
At night your in my dreams
During the day in my thoughts
But your forever in my heart
Wish there was more I could do to show you
I can’t seem to get you off my mind
At times I feel like a dope fiend
24/7 I need you to get a fix
I don’t how to say but damn boo you got me hooked
Come talk to me
Let me know where I sit in your mind and heart
I really want to be with you and happy I found you
When the day comes I’ll tell you I love you
Then all night while we make love our feelings will grow
They’re already strong with the connection we have
But at times I feel as if our bond will be broken
Is it the things I do or the things I say
I don’t know but I do know all I want is you
I wish I knew what it as about you
Then again maybe it’s all of you
From the way you make me laugh and no longer sad
To the days where I just wish that I was there with you
But damn what is it I do besides think and dream of one day being with you?


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