What happens when you fall for someone that doesn’t fall for you?
Do you open up and share with them the feelings you keep hidden inside
Maybe it’s the protection you desire
To keep you from getting hurt that allows you to hide what you feel inside
But what happens when all you do is cry
Can you actually share your deepest thoughts?
Then again it may be best to leave it alone
I’m not too sure of what it is that I feel for you
However I know I want you
But it’s now obvious I’m not the one you want
Maybe I’m not as pretty as she
Or is it just that it’s something inside her that I can’t see
Whatever it is I might just need for you say what it is to satisfy me
I put everyone first and never take time for me
One day I’ll find the one that wants me for me and it’ll last forever
But damn I forgot what it was about you that I want
And that my body just lusts for
The one that lasts is the one that I should crave for
But with you my feelings are just ignored
What is it that you want? What is it that you need that I can’t see?
Please let me know before these tears I cry begin to bleed


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