…Releasing the Pain…

The pain that I feel is hard to explain
My heart is nothing but a drain
At times I’m too emotional
Then there are times where I show no emotion
I can’t express the feelings that I feel because along the way others get hurt
People claim they love me, but really who can I trust?
I hear I respect you, but in return I get crushed
I let another get the best of me I’m a fool who gets caught up in situations that shouldn’t have been
Pain that has been there can’t be thinned
I keep allowing the wrong people in
Then I’m stuck trying to release this pain from within
All I do is cry or hide what’s inside
People ask why are so tough but if they only knew that my life was so rough
Writing, listening to music, and reading a book
This how I release the pain that I feel
I could write a novel on the pain that I feel
Who can explain the hurt and the pain?
How about the people that cause it or should I just be at fault because I allow it to happen? This is my way of releasing the pain Ask myself questions to see what I’ll gain but then the subject may change


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