Missing You -sigh-

Damn…You’ve only been gone for a moment…Not even too long. But it feels like forever I’ve been waiting to be in your arms. I can’t believe you let me end this…I’d never thought it would be forever, but letting you go is so hard. It’s only been 24 hours, and I still feel like shit. I love you like crazy and yet I’m still unsure of what you felt. All I wanted was to feel appreciated and to know that my love would be reciprocated. Why do I feel this way…Why did I love you…How could u let this happen?!?!? I told you from the door…I’d be ya girl, ride or die…Groupies or no groupies, I’d always want to be the apple in your eyes. But I’m missing you…Late night phone conversations, me fallin asleep…Midday texts…Me wishing we were closer…I let us fall apart. Now I’m sittin here crying inside just wishing I had your heart. I LOVE YOU BABY!!!! Just wish I knew u felt the same…


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